Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Couse Of Cerebral Palsy--

Infection during pregnancy . German measles,or rubella virus . Damage to developing nervous system . Other infection cytomegalo virus and toxoplasmosis . Jaundice. RH incompatibility ( in this blood condition ) . Sever oxygen shortage in the brain . Stroke- including broken blood vessels in the brain ,clogged blood vessels,abnormal blood cells.

Risk Factors

Breech presentation . Complication in labor and delivery. Multi-pal births - twins triplets and other multi-pal birth . Nervous system mall formations (abnormally small head ) . Maternal bleeding or severe protein uria late in pregnancy . Maternal hyperthyroidism .


Head injury can be prevented by regular use child safety seats when driving a car and helmets during bicycle rides . Rh incompatibility -(Exchange transfusion ) in which large volume baby's blood is removed and replaced after birth .

Dr. S. K. Pathak Through his long research on wave & intensive study,He discovered this system & authenticated it by conducting experiments on wave therapy. Till now Dr. S. K. Pathak has successfully treated many patients completely and has given them good healthy and disease-free life. Cerebral Palsy Treatment by our Wave Therapy at our Center" with no side effects, and our by in long-research success full result*.


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