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Knee Pain Treatment


knee pain

Bones of The Knee Bones

In Pathak Wave Cure Center, We are providing best Knee pain Treatment In Noida – Even India, The femur (Thigh Bone), Tibia (Shin Bone) Patella (Knee Cap) Fibula (smaller bone next to shin bone) Muscles Tendons and Ligaments connect the knee bones.

Knee Cap

The knee cap glides in a groove in the thigh-bone and adds leverage to the thigh muscles, which are used to extend the leg. The thigh bone and Shine Bone come together at the knee joint and move on one another when Bending or straightening the leg.

Knee Joint Capsule

The Knee Joint Capsule is a sac that encloses the Knee Joint cavity. It is attached to the bones of the Joint, and Forms the Joint Cavity. The Knee Joint Capsule has a tough, Fibrous outer membrane and an inner synovial membrane, which produces Joint Fluid Synovial Fluid that lubricates the Joint and Nourishes the Articular Cartilage that coats the end soft the Bones in the Joint.

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Protects the articular cartilage and separates the bones of the knee, It is a spongy  shock absorber, This is the cartilage referred to when you hear “to cartilage”  The meniscus is commonly torn in twisting injuries.

Muscles of the Knee-
Quadriceps Muscles on the front of the thigh. Used to straighten the knee
Hamstrings Muscles on the back of thigh attach to tibia (shin bone) at back of knee, Used to bend the knee.
Tendons of The Knee-
Tendons join muscle to bone. The quadriceps tendon hooks quads muscles to the patella(kneecap); patella tendon connects the patella to the shinbone. The quadriceps tendon and patellar tendon actually connect to form one continuous tendon that covers the patella.

Small sacs that provide a lubricating surface between surfaces that needs to move.

Causes of Knee Pain--

According to Dr S K Pathak– Knee Pain  is a neurological problems, In Knee Pains Treatment patient have improvement from first day. Although  the rate of improvement differ from patient to patient but patient experience improved health status without any side effect, We are providing best and permanent treatment of Knee pain in Noida even in india  with no side  effects and our by in long research successful result.

Knee Pain Treatment

After the discovery of a long period, it was found that knee pain, swollen joint, can be treated through the instant therapy by activating the neuron cells with wave therapy. The relief starts in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the condition of the disease. It may take time and days in severe patients, but the patient becomes completely healthy.

Features of This Wave Therapy

  • Permanent Removal
    Time of Every Therapy within 10 to 15 Mins/Sitting
  • For fast reduce pain and for relieve your pain
    Without any Medicine
    Completely Safe
    No side effect
    Only Positive Response
  • Immediate relief in knee pain
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