Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognizes the existence of vital curative force within the body hereby aiding human system to remove the cause of the disease i.e. toxins by expelling the unwanted and unused matters from the human body for curing diseases.Naturopathy believes that "All healing powers are within one’s body" and that human body is a powerful living dynamo capable of self-preservation, without any help from external agents. Indiscriminate drugging as such does more harm than good, with its dangerous side effects.

How it acts

According to the philosophy of India, Naturopathy attributes the existence of five elements of the forces of the human body nature to earth, water, fire, and ether. Each of these elements is balanced and well balanced in positive health. Any disturbance in this balance for any reason leads to accumulation of toxins and morbidity, which is manifested in diseases. Nature-cure therapy, aligns us with nature's self-preservation desire to protect and heal the body from within, by removing the root cause of diseases. It treats the person and strengthens the body's immune system.

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