Yoga has been known as an ancient method of training, exercise & combination of asanas. But the word yoga actually means union. It is a practice that connects the body, mind & spirit through different postures, meditation & controlled breathing. Yoga is an expression of life. It is not just about bending & twisting holding your breath, but it is an art of seeing your body-mind-soul in a balanced state. Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness. He defined yoga as "the cessation of the modification of the mind".

Benefits of Yoga

  • increased flexibility.
  • increased muscle strength and tone.
  • improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • weight reduction.
  • cardio and circulatory health.
  • improved athletic performance.
  • protection from injury.

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