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In Pathak Wave Cure Center, In Pathak Wave Cure Center, We are providing best Pregnancy pain Treatment in Noida – India Women have chronic pelvic pain that has no clear cause after thorough testing. At other times once a painful condition is treated the affected nerves do not stop transmitting pain signals. This is called neuropathic pain.

Problems During First Trimester

Cramping Sharp pain in abdomen Morning sickness, headache, migraine, numbness, constipation, sore limbs, sore breast and backache.

Problems During Second Trimester

Back painSciatica painvery common. The curvature of spine and center of gravity shift as body and belly grows bigger. These changes put stress on back leading to pain and discomfort. Joint pain and pelvic pain. Nasal and gum problems. Dizziness. Leg cramps. Shortness of breath. Paralysis.

Problems During Third Trimester

Leg cramps also known as charlie horses are common during pregnancy. These painful muscles spasms often occur at night and when laying in bed. But they can occur at anytime throughout the day. Extending the foot or pointing the toes can trigger a leg cramp.

Treatment in our therapy

In pains and aches during pregnancy our treatment provides improvement from the first day. Although the rate of improvement differs from patient to patient but the patient experiences improvement in health without any side effect. All over body-part Pains During Pregnancy Treatment by our Wave Therapy at our Center with no side effects and by our  long-research successful result. We are providing best and permanent treatment of Pregnancy pain in Noida even in india.

Features of This Wave Therapy

Permanent Removal
Treatment within 10 to 15 MINS /  SITTING
Without any Medicine
completely Safe,
no side effect
Only Positive Response

Whole body pain treatment in pregnancy