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Slipped Disc Treatment

About Slip Disc

Slipped Disc

Our spinal column is made up of a series of bone stacked upon each other. These bones are cushioned by discs. The discs protect the bone by absorbing the shock from daily activity. Injury or weakness cause disc to protrude this is called Slip Disc, slipped disc (Spinal disc herniation) and Prolapsed Disc.


The symptoms are mostly pain and discomfort in the back but if compressing any spinal nerve, we may experience numbness, muscle weakness and pain along the affected nerve.


Through wave therapy, which is a natural therapy, in few minute neuron cells are activated and bring the slipped disc in place, which reduce pain in leg and hip in most people from first day, healing may take up to 45 day, In Pathak Wave Cure Center, We are providing best slipped disc Treatment in Noida, Uttar Pradesh-Delhi-NCR- Even India

Features of wave therapy

Permanent removal

Treatment within 10 to 15 minute/sitting

Without any medicine

Completely safe

No side effect

Only positive response