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Best doctor of Naturopathy in Noida

Dr. S K Pathak is the Best doctor of Naturopathy in Noida. He has successfully treated many patients of all neurological diseases and disabilities even he treated so many patients of all kind of pain.  Through his deep study, sincere efforts and long research he discovered an ancient Indian system of healing and authenticated it by conducting many experiments through wave therapy.

According to Dr. S K Pathak “Every patient and their families are different with their own unique need”. Therefore, his goal is to design an individual treatment plan to help each and every one of his patient to achieve the best outcome possible.

What is Naturopathy Wave Therapy

In Wave Therapy he uses a natural green grass gas which produces an effective force in damaged nerve cells inside the human body, this gas diffuses into the nerves with the help of a special self-healing magnetic ray produced by a magnetic stone, which helps in the treatment of all diseases and pain in Pathak Wave Cure Center. This therapy helps people to live healthier and better life. Hence we can say that Dr. Pathak is the best Doctor of Naturopathy in Noida even in India.

Our Team
In Pathak Wave Cure Center, We provide excellent supervision by our team. We have very good environment here. Our entire team is very friendly and helping nature. Because we believe that only a good environment can cure patient. Unless a patient feel safe himself, his chances of recovery are very less. Our Team understands the patient’s disease by going to his mental level. We proud of our whole Team.
Best Naturopathy Treatment in Noida
Cerebral Pasly Patient
Best Naturopathy Treatment in Noida