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Welcome to Pathak Wave cure Center Naturopathy and Yoga

Dr. S. K. Pathak believes that our nature has cure of  every incurable disease and inspired by this after many years of research and deep study, he discovered a new treatment of diseases, its called wave therapy. This therapy promotes 'self Healing'  Naturopathy treatment. The principal of wave therapy is include first do no harm treating the whole person , the Healing power of nature and prevention. In these therapies he uses a natural green grass gas which produces an effective force in damaged nerve cells inside the human body, this gas diffuses into the nerves with the help of a special self-healing magnetic ray produced by a magnetic stone which helps in the treatment of diseases.There is no side effect of this therapy. Successful curable rate is 80-100%.

Basically, wave therapy acts catalyst for getting quick relief and complete treatment , even without any operation.

There is not any side effects

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Naturopathy is a holistic approach to treating all type of illness and disorders by stimulating a body self healing mechanism. it is a combination of multiple therapies including acupuncture, Herbs, massage, physical manipulation, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutritional counselling and much more following the Naturopathic principle.

This treatment offers benefits to maintain a long term optimal health.
One of the principle tenets of Naturopathic medicine is credence in treating the whole person, or boosting a person’s general well-being in order to treat a root cause of a disease. This treatment is often invigorating & provides the patient with energy & strength that they initially lacked, all through natural techniques

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