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Welcome to our Pathak Wave Cure Center

Dr. S K Pathak is the Best doctor of Naturopathy in Noida. He has successfully treated many patients of all neurological diseases and disabilities even he treated so many patients of all kind of pain. Through his deep study, sincere efforts and long research he discovered an ancient Indian system of healing and authenticated it by conducting many experiments through wave therapy.

According to Dr. S K Pathak "Every patient and their families are different with their own unique need". Therefore, his goal is to design an individual treatment plan to help each and every one of his patient to achieve the best outcome possible.

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Neurological Problems
Neurological Problems

Our center provides Neurological disease treatment in Noida. Neurology is a medical speciality dealing with disorders of the nervous system. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease involving the central peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, including their coverings and blood vessels

Orthopedic Pain
Orthopedic Pain

Pathak Wave Cure Center provides best orthopedic pain treatment in Noida. Anything that is concerned with muscles, ligaments and joints is considered orthopedic. Problems are ailments, injuries or diseases that cause knee problems, whiplash, dislocated shoulder, torn cartilages, foot pain and fibromyalgia.

Wave Therapy
Wave Therapy

In our center we are doing best and unique Wave Therapy in Noida even in India. In these therapies We use a natural green grass gas, which diffuses into the nerves with the help of a special self-healing magnetic ray produced by a magnetic stone. This therapy helps people to live healthier and better life


Naturopathy attributes the existence of five elements of the forces of the human body nature to earth, water, fire, and ether. Each of these elements is balanced and well balanced in positive health.


Yoga has been known as an ancient method of training, exercise & combination of asanas. But the word yoga actually means union. This is a practice that connects the body, mind & spirit through different postures

Diet Therapy
Diet Therapy

Diet therapy is a process of treating any disease by including curative & avoiding preventive ingredients in the diet. Thus Modifying your diet into a much more balanced form to promote optimum health is diet therapy.

What we do?

Best Neurological Disease Treatment in Noida
Undoubtedly, We are doing Best Neurological disease Treatment in Noida. Physicians who specialize in neurology are called neurologists, and are trained to investigate, or diagnose and treat, neurological disorders.

Although many mental illnesses are believed to be neurological disorders affecting the central nervous system, traditionally they are classified separately, and treated by psychiatrists.

Best Othopedic Pain Treatment in Noida
Most importantly, Dr. Pathak provides Best Orthopedic Pain Treatment in Noida. Indeed In Ortho Pains Treatment patient have improvement from first day. Therefore the rate of improvement differ from patient to patient but patient experience improved health status without any side effect. Hence our patients take only positive response from us.

What our Patients say

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It's an ironic situation that my life depends on peoples health, Also, I am fortunate that you gave me a great opportunity to resist their health problems. You also provided me with the skills to do my work honestly. Oh God ! Empower me to fulfill this purpose of my life with integrity. You are the only one who opposes our problem and leads a peaceful, happy and healthy life. I am just the way out of it.


हे प्रभु ! वास्तव में यह परिस्थितियों की विडम्बना है कि मेरी जीविका दूसरों की बीमारियों पर निर्भर करती है । लेकिन फिर भी यह मेरा सौभाग्य है कि आपने मुझे उनके कष्टों का निवारण करने का उत्तम अवसर प्रदान किया है । आपने मुझे यह जिम्मेदारी पूरी करने की योग्यता भी प्रदान की है

Dr. SK Pathak

Dr. S K Pathaks Message

Thank you, my patients for all you have done for me. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and support. Much obliged for believing in me enough to join me in this crazy new way to do health care and for giving me the honor of being the one you call "my doctor." If, however, you do get sick, remember that I am here to help you get well, feel better or avoid getting any worse. And if I cannot do any of these, I will still be there to stand by your side through the hard times, and to offer whatever comfort I can give.